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Debt is when you are answerable and obliged to give some company, organization or bank some money. Hence you are called a debtor of the company. It is human tendency to somehow find a solution to a problem when they are faced with it and not think about the repercussions or to push them to later on. Especially in cases of financial problems, people run from post to pillar to arrange for money. They borrow money from friends, family and close ones. Then a point comes, when you are a debtor to many people and organizations. Then a point comes, when you are a debtor to many people and organizations. They all are sitting on your head and need immediate repayment and when you are unable to do so, you are defamed and are a labeled bad debtor. So what is the way out of such a problem? Opt for a Debt consolidation.

In case of Debt consolidation, you can loan out any amount ranging from £250 and ends at £250000. As the lender understands that you are opting for this loan in a desperate situation, you are also given sufficient time to repay your loan. Your time limit starts from 6 months and ends at 25 years. Even though this time is usually enough, you can also ask the lender for an extension, which is granted to you along with an added interest rate.

Debt consolidation has many advantages, as opposed to almost no disadvantages. It’s biggest advantage is that even bad debtors can apply for it. As this loan enables you to clear off all other loans, you can concentrate on the dates, interest rate and repayment time of only one loans. As this loan, helps you to clean your name in the eyes of many people, very efficiently and smoothly, the interest rate charged is slightly higher than other loans, but this can totally be neglected.

In order to be eligible to receive this loan, you must fulfill the following credentials

1) You must be a citizen of the United Kingdom

2) You must be above 18 years of age

3) You must be a salaried employee of a reputed company

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